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Previously very corporate, Zygo found there was a disconnect between their look and feel and how the business was perceived by customers.

The Problem

Zygo is a global manufacturing company with a passion for precision. They produce high quality equipment, hold integrity in customer relationships and take pride in everything they do. Zygo approached us to realign their brand positioning and mission. Previously very corporate, they found there was a disconnect between the look and feel and how the business was perceived by customers.

The Solution

Through a series of workshops, we uncovered that familiarity with the Zygo brand often resulted in more positive feelings towards them. This was true for both customers and employees. Research also showed us that much of the brand messaging centred around ‘what’ Zygo does, rather than demonstrating ‘why’ they do it. Although part of a competitive landscape, one company did not really stand out – giving Zygo the opportunity to do just that.

With our workshop findings, we worked together to build a new brand proposition, portraying Zygo with much more of a human side and to emphasise the emotional benefits for customers. The brand narrative now demonstrates Zygo as an innovative partner – combining knowledge and experience with tailored solutions to meet their customers’ exact needs.

Overall, the new brand strategy and visual identity positions Zygo as a forward-thinking, expert and accessible organisation. They stand out against competitors with a human side to the company and demonstrate real benefits for their customers.

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