Jacob Bailey – The Natural Choice for Jordans

Jordans Website

Launching a new brand look and feel and a new website at the same time is no small task. Our robust processes and dedicated team ensured everything came together without a hold-up.

The Problem

Jordans wanted to get back to the core values of their brand; great taste, natural ingredients and a strong connection to conservation, their supply chain and the countryside. They’d developed a new look and feel but needed to understand how this could be applied to digital and to develop a new website to launch their updated positioning very quickly. Everything hinged on a successful joined up UK launch campaign.

The Solution

We worked hand-in-hand with the Jordans brand team to not only bring their creative vision to life online but to walk them through our user centric process, ensuring that we were delivering clear progress at every step on the journey.

From prioritising their needs to developing user stories, information architecture and wireframes, right through to the final design and build, Jordans were able to sign off at every stage of the project. Not only did this keep them in control of a fast-moving project, it also meant that they could see continual and logical progress with no surprises along the way. Which meant that we hit the launch date with a website that delivered everything Jordans’ needed – a brilliant experience for both client and customers to relaunch the UK brand.

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