A resilient brand

Specialising in crisis and emergency management – and a part of the SEACOR family of companies (publicly traded holding company) - Witt O’Brien’s are recognised as innovators and specialists in their field of business.

The Problem

One of the key challenges was to build out a distinct brand identity and image for Witt O’Brien’s without conflicting with the overarching umbrella brand of SEACOR, the parent company, that operates in a completely different business environment.

The Solution

We worked with the Witt O’Brien’s team during a series of workshops to develop a full positioning for the brand and, using these insights, created a distinctive brand identity to position them as a leader in the field of crisis and emergency management.

This was then brought to life through a variety of media platforms including a new web presence that acts as a content hub for tactical campaigns such as scenarios resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic where their business resilience experience had real relevance.

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