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The Problem

From Cathedral City to Weetabix, Red Tractor assure some of our favourite brands across the UK. But few people appreciate the work that takes place behind the scenes to ensure every product meets Red Tractor’s world leading standards. Our challenge was to bring the Red Tractor story to life and to showcase the household names that carry the Red Tractor logo.

The Solution

We created a series of videos that enabled consumers to take a ‘Look Behind The Label’ to see how their favourite food is produced to Red Tractor assured standards. Our ‘How Do They..?’ campaign ran as a series of episodes with each showcasing a major brand behind the scenes from farm to pack.

From ideation and storyboarding to filming and production through to promotion on social media channels, Jacob Bailey managed the end-to-end process to create compelling, storytelling content. From multi-camera interviews to farms and factories, everything was carefully directed and filmed on location with great production values on a very affordable budget. Our focus was always on getting the shots that really brought our client’s story to life - we even flew a drone through a packing plant!

Here are a few of the brands we worked with on the ‘How Do They..?’ campaign;

Berry Gardens – Berry Gardens are a grower-owned co-operation that grow and pack around 60 million punnets of soft fruit each year that supply our supermarkets, food service and convenience outlets. We spent time on their farm in Kent to film the entire process, from picking to packing.

Cathedral City – Around two million litres of milk are transported to the Davidstow Creamery every day, making 60,000 tonnes of Cathedra City Cheese every year. We spent two days in the West Country filming on location to capture the Saputo story.

Weetabix – Around 5.3 million Weetabix are produced a day at their factory and every biscuit is made with wheat farmed within 50 miles of the factory. We travelled to Northamptonshire to film all the content both on the farm and in the factory.

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