Green Policy

Because we all share the planet
The Jacob Bailey Group recognises the impact that its activities have on the environment and strives to minimise these through continual improvement in its environmental performance.

We are committed to steering both our own companies and the Direct Response industry into a sustainable future by reducing the effects of our business and our sector on the planet through environmental and ethical policy-making and a full commitment to our ISO 14001 accreditation.

We will comply with environmental legislation and best practice guidelines and continually monitor, manage and minimise waste.

We will:

Assess and regularly re-assess our effects on the environment
Train employees in environmental policy and issues
Prevent and/or limit our output of pollution into land, air and water
Minimise waste of both energy and materials
Promote the use of recyclable and renewable materials
Reduce and/or limit our carbon footprint
Initiate programmes and create policy to lead our community and our industry for an ethical and environmental future.
In order to enhance environmental awareness we will strive to constantly inform and motivate employees.
Communications, objectives and results of our environmental activities will be published on the Intranet and by means of a dedicated ‘Environmental Corner’