Mystery Shopping

Unilever is the parent company behind over 400 of the world’s best-known household brands. But how do they maintain a consistent customer experience?

The Problem

Each Unilever Prestige brand has its own customer service team and operational set-up. Unilever commissioned Jacob Bailey to conduct website audits and mystery shopper research to provide insight on which Prestige brands are providing the best customer experience in the beauty category, and this was scored across a wide range of criteria.

The Solution

We completed an audit of the customer service functionality for each of their seven Prestige brand websites and compared this against four selected competitor brands.

We also carried out mystery shopping activity and documented our journey. Utilizing a scoring metric on a scale of 1-5, in both exercises, we were able to give each brand an overall score.

Interviews with each brand’s customer services team were conducted – this gave us a better understanding of how their internal process works and how well they thought they were performing.

Our final output was to provide recommendations based on the insights we gained. What had the brands done well? And how could other brands learn from this and adopt those practices?

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