Stretching the brand

Helping Flagship Homes market their new ‘houses to buy’

The Problem

Flagship Homes, part of the housing association Flagship Group, was diversifying their business model and venturing into marketing their own ‘Homes to buy’; it was a new proposition for the organisation and required their brand to stretch for the first time. Their initial developments needed a solution that fitted into a wider approach that could work for all ‘Homes to buy’ developments moving forward.

The Solution

We created a branded approach that shifted away from a corporate strategy of ‘homes for people in need’ to a new audience of people who aspire to and are willing and able to buy their own homes outright.

In an often-crowded market, we needed a brand identity that would stand out but also work as part of the existing Flagship brand parameters.

Our solution provided naming, brand identity, ad templates, hoarding designs, overarching guidelines that explained how future developments would use the same approach and brochures for their first two specific developments; Cambourne and Campsea Ashe.

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