A website with elegance

Bayswater Bathrooms are a premium brand selling an extensive range of baths, furniture, ceramics, showers, taps, radiators and accessories to consumers through retail channels.

The Problem

With such a large and varied product catalogue, Bayswater Bathrooms needed a way to showcase their brand and products online. The main challenge was answering two key questions: ‘How to buy’ and ‘Why buy?’. Visitors needed to be able to browse the full range of SKUs, select inter-related products and find local traders from across the UK easily and intuitively. As well as this, the website needed to bring the Bayswater brand to life, differentiate them, and provide a little design inspiration.

The Solution

Following our user centric approach to web design and development, we developed user personas detailing their user journeys on the website. This allowed us to deliver a carefully considered information architecture for the site – the most logical and intuitive way of organising the content. Key to this was carefully mapping out the product matrix, encompassing hundreds of individual SKUs, and plotting the most elegant way of organising these user journeys.

Utilising Bayswater’s beautiful branding, we were also able to answer the question ‘Why Bayswater?’ via inspiring blog content, product galleries and design inspiration, all brought together in an easy-to-use CMS for the Bayswater team to use as their product portfolio grows.

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