MasterCard provide the technology that enables card transactions to happen, but have no direct relationship with cardholders. So we helped them and their issuing banks understand just what European cardholders are thinking.

The Problem

Without direct cardholder relationships, MasterCard needed another way to find out what cardholders are thinking. Which products worked best where? What are the obstacles to living cash free? What do customers really want?

The Solution

Our internal campaign and social media platform enabled MasterCard to leverage their employees as consumers to gather invaluable insight into life without cash. Surpassing expectations, it saw 20% of all targeted European employees signing up to the scheme. With the success of the No Cash campaign and the learnings gathered, we prepared a white label social media platform for European roll out which has already seen a fantastic response in Belgium. 95% of Belgian participants said they felt more able to discuss payment methods with customers following the campaign - a Brilliant Experience all round.

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Our first promotion surpassed expectations with 20% of targeted European employees signing up to the scheme.

What the client said

No Cash Challenge is an engaging platform to achieve important educational goals around payments through fun, experiential and social interactions. I was very pleased to work with the JB team to release the first customer project in Belgium. We are alr

Claudio Filocamo
Europe Market Lead, MasterCard Advisor

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