How to bring your brand to life online effectively

If you’re embarking on a new website, then you’ll want to consider how you can bring your brand to life. From infusing personality into your copy, to prioritising a mobile-first approach, read on to discover our top tips for ensuring your brand translates seamlessly online.

Be clear about who you are and what you do

Anybody visiting your website should be able to immediately understand the service that you provide and your brand proposition.

It’s a simple thing which is often overlooked, but when somebody visits, it’s crucial that you introduce yourself properly.

Express yourself

The copy content on your website should bring the character of your brand to life and follow your tone of voice guidelines.

From blog posts to error messages, every copy detail can help to express your personality and make your website more engaging for visitors.

With any website, content is king and so engaging copy content is crucial.

Build your website around your users

There’ll be lots of things that you want to say and lots of things that you want visitors to do on your website.

But it’s not all about you.

Compelling online brand experiences can only be achieved by putting users at the heart of your website. That means understanding exactly what they want to do and ensuring user journeys are as intuitive as possible.


Your website should be as intuitive and self-explanatory as possible. This means clear, consistent, simple and recognisable design patterns that create an enjoyable user experience and, by extension, brand experience.

Moments that make you go ‘ooh’

Interaction design can really bring a website to life and make it a real pleasure to use.

It’s that little bit of additional thought around animation, button behaviours, page scrolls etc, that can really elevate your brand experience into something enjoyable and memorable.

But remember, keep it simple.

Every picture tells a story

Impactful and unique imagery that is consistent in style and tells your brand story can really bring a website to life and help visitors engage with and understand your brand.

The reality is visitors will look at the imagery more than they will read the text, so the first impression really does count.

Make it visual

Video is one of the most widely consumed media online and is perfect for everything, from brand storytelling to product demos.

It can really bring your brand to life and is demanded by today’s online audience. In fact, embedding videos in landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80% (Unbounce).

Take a mobile first approach

A visitor’s first encounter with your website is statistically more likely to be made via mobile, not desktop - mobile devices have a 60% global market share of internet traffic (StatCounter), which means Google ranks mobile-optimised sites higher up than sites which aren’t mobile friendly.

So, making sure your website delivers a great experience for people browsing via their phones is key, with consideration made to how content including carousels, copy content and buttons all collapse down.

Embrace social media

Social media channels represent a great opportunity for broadening the reach of your brand, as well as engaging in conversation with your customers.

Consider the channels that are right for your brand – LinkedIn might be good for your senior team to publish thought-leadership pieces, X might work well for short news updates and opinions, whilst Facebook & Instagram can work well for video content.

Think about your channel mix carefully – you don’t need to be on every platform, just the ones where your audience are.

Expand your brand footprint online

There are lots of different channels you can use to drive traffic to your website, and it’s important to maintain consistency for your brand across all of these.

From the tone of voice being used in a blog post or the photography used in an email, think about how you can use these channels to drive consistency and amplify your brand.

If you’d like to chat about bringing your brand to life online in more detail, why not give us a call or email us? We’d love to hear from you.

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