make communication count

Establishing a marketing communications strategy to align with their ambitious 2025 Vision.

The Problem

We were commissioned by leading engineering firm, the MLM Group to run a series of workshops and insight gathering interviews to help them to communicate more effectively both, internally and externally.

The Solution

Moving from the problem as it was defined to the problem as it is understood, we examined the central role that marketing needs to play. Working closely with members of the MLM team across all levels of the business, we have defined a series of new processes to enable cohesive and powerful communications.

Our i5 process helped us to identify the problems and also what is working well, so that we could recommend and implement the right solutions.

What the client said

As a company with ambitious growth plans we needed a communications strategy that matched our aspirations.

Jacob Bailey quickly understood that effective communication both, internally and externally is integral to us achieving our vision. Through engaging with our team at all levels of the business, they identified what was, and wasn’t working successfully and made a number of recommendations that were easy to implement and, most importantly, made our team think differently about how they were communicating.  

Steve Oliver, Chairman, MLM Group